15 tips for napping.

15 Tips For Guilt Free Napping

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As children, most of us would do all that we could to get out of nap time. Unfortunately, now that
many of us would love to take a nap, we rarely get the opportunity to do so. Next time you have the
opportunity, here are some tips to help you put the power in your power nap.
1.   The best time for a power nap is between 2:00 and 4:00 pm
2.   Take a 20-minute nap (or less) to boost alertness and productivity during the day.
3.   Set an alarm to gently wake you up at the desired time.
4.   Avoid caffeine and sugar before your nap.
5.   Make sure you don’t eat food that is particularly hard to digest.
6.   Find a quiet place to sleep, to relax and clear your mind.
7.   Shut the shades, switch off the lights, or even wear a sleep mask during nap time to help you maximize your rest.
8.   Turn off your cellphone so you don’t get disturbed mid nap
9.   If you are not feeling like sleeping then do not try to force yourself to sleep.
10.  Cover up with a blanket because your body temp falls when you are asleep.
11.  Put some soft music in the background.
12.  Make sure that you include napping in your schedule for the day.
13.  Before starting your nap free up your mind from any thoughts.
14.  Tell friends and family not to disturb you during your nap.
15.  Do not feel guilty. Taking a power nap does not make you lazy.
It’s a very simple technique you can use to improve both your mental health and physical stamina.

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