“The mattress industry was broken….So, we fixed it!”

Since 2000, intelliBED has been providing quality sleep for thousands of people using the world’s most advanced cushioning material Gel Matrix, our proprietary technology. Gel Matrix properly supports and aligns the human body while providing unmatched comfort.

intelliBED’s mission is to restore the quality of sleep into the lives of its customers. After all, nearly one third of our lives are spent sleeping, yet most don’t receive the deep, restorative sleep that’s essential for sustained health. According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep is just as important as diet and exercise; likewise, the quality of sleep is more important than quantity.

Over 1,000 doctors, chiropractors, and orthopedic surgeons across the country recommend the intelliBED for their patients!

“The technology involved in intelliBED is superior than any other form of treatment for sleeping. The benefits of this technology can really alter your sleep much more than someone like me being board certified in sleep medicine can do.”

– Dr. Robert Troell – The first surgeon board certified in the U.S. in sleep medicine

Help us tell our story!

Apply Now to be a part of the movement we’ve created in the 16 Billion Dollar mattress industry.

Benefits that benefit!

  • Receive a free mattress set, $5,000 value! (For qualifying affiliates)
  • Wide customer base (Everyone sleeps)
  • Affiliates are allowed to offer a 10% discount
  • You Earn 10% commission on all sales
  • intelliBED will fund and sponsor promotional items ($500 value per customer)
  • Unmatched 30-year warranty
  • Customers can test the mattress risk-free in-home for 60 days

Affiliate Program Requirements (Sign up Here)

Affiliate FAQ

What is required to become an intelliBED affiliate?

Interested in becoming an intelliBED affiliate?

We are looking for Affiliates whose values, philosophy and goals match our own.

Please review these Affiliate Program Requirements before completing the online application:

  1. I find passion in educating others how to improve their overall wellness.
  2. I am a resident of the US
  3. I will commit to following the affiliate expectations as outlined by intelliBED (Link)
  4. I have a working website / blog centered on health/wellness, nutrition, fitness, or related topic.
  5. I have a combined audience reach of at least 25,000 (social media, blog, newsletter, etc.)

If you agree to the requirements above, you are welcome to complete our online application.

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Why become an affiliate for intelliBED?

For starters, our affiliates take pride in improving the lives of their readers by educating them about “The Problem” in the mattress industry. Additionally, the commissions earned from promoting a truly remarkable product that dramatically improves the lives of your family, friends and readers is a great source of revenue.

Follow this link to learn more about “The Problem”

  • What other affiliates are saying about intelliBED’s affiliate program.

“Sleep is such a vital part of health and many of us aren’t getting enough. This is something I’ve personally struggled with in the past, especially when I was pregnant and had trouble getting comfortable. Unfortunately, many mattresses can also contain harmful chemicals that I was not comfortable having in my home. I’m so happy to have found a non-toxic and safe mattress that is also the most comfortable I’ve ever slept on. A friend recommended that we try intelliBED and my family has never slept better!”

~ Katie

“I never thought I would be passionate about recommending a mattress. But, after experiencing a health crisis after buying a toxic mattress, I want to spread the message about the chemicals used in mattresses.

At Empowered Sustenance, I share resources that empower our body and soul from a holistic approach. intelliBED does exactly that. By providing body-aligning, non toxic sleep, intelliBED creates a deeply restorative sleep experience.”

~ Lauren

“I wanted it all – a sleep technology that truly delivered an incredible night’s sleep and proper back support along with a nontoxic end product. I honestly didn’t think that the bed of my dreams had even been invented yet. But it has. It’s intelliBED.”

~ Sarah

What can I earn as an affiliate?

There is unlimited earning potential as an intelliBED Affiliate. Our most active affiliates have each sold over $1,000,000 in the last 18 months with many more getting close to that each month.

As a successful blogger you know how to talk to your audience. We are just here to help you achieve your goals.

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How to qualify for the Free intelliBED mattress set ($5,000 Value)

There are 2 ways to qualify for a FREE intelliBED mattress set:

  1. Social Reach: Must meet these minimums:
    1. Scenario one: 50,000 in website UVPM, 50,000 Email Subscribers AND 50,000 Facebook followers
    2. Scenario two: 100,000 in website UVPM AND 50,000 in Email Subscribers OR 50,000 Facebook followers
  2. Experience as an Affiliate: If your total affiliate sales with other brands are more than $100,000 AND you have at least 25,000 in website UVPM and 25,000 email subscribers, you qualify. Proof of sales history will need to be submitted.

Don’t meet these qualifications? You can still qualify to receive a FREE mattress set!

  • You can start promoting the intelliBED products and story on your blog and once you reach $10,000 in total sales you will qualify to receive a FREE mattress set.

*If you desire to receive a mattress prior to promoting, but do not yet qualify for a free bed, you can purchase a mattress set at a 65% discount. We will then refund what you paid once you reach $10,000 in total sales.


What is expected once I become an affiliate?

We simply expect you to promote the intelliBED products in your own unique way using these two methods:

  1. Within the first 30-45 days after being approved as an affiliate we expect you to promote the intelliBED products and story by writing a dedicated blog post that is broadcast to your followers through your media channels: social channels and emails. Some affiliates even include a link to this dedicated intelliBED post in their welcome emails to all new email subscribers.
    • Promo Code: Your 10% discount will always be active through your promo code. Anytime you mention the intelliBED products in your dedicated emails, blog posts, or subscriber welcome letters the 10% discount will always be available to your followers.
    • All dedicated intelliBED posts need to be pre-approved by the Affiliate Management Team at intelliBED prior to going live.
  2. After the initial dedicated post, we expect you to run at least one intelliBED promotion. These promotions typically run for a 30-day period. In addition to the 10% discount, you will be able to offer promotional items that carry a value of $500 that are funded by intelliBED. Our most active affiliates run 2-4 promotions per year.
    • Example promotional items: 2 FREE intelliPILLOWS and a Bamboo Sheet set, a wool comforter, or even other products that match your core message better.

What do I need to do to maintain an active affiliate status? 

You will need to have a minimum of 2 mentions a year about intelliBED to stay enrolled in the affiliate program.

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