Best Mattress Topper for Back Pain

In Back Pain

October 15, 2012
The most common problem associated with back pain is sleeping on an uncomfortable surface that does not provide support to your neck and spine. For a good night’s sleep, a mattress must provide both comfort and support, otherwise the consequences of a lack of sleep and waking with back pain will occur. If your mattress is fairly new, and you are experiencing discomfort in your back muscles, especially your lower back, an inexpensive solution is finding the
best mattress topper for back pain.
Back Pain Contributors
More than half of the population in the United States suffers from some form of back pain. Some contributors of back pain may include being overweight, lacking in physical activity or too strenuous activity, practicing bad posture consistently, wearing uncomfortable footwear, and the most popular–a bad mattress. Through an easy process of elimination, you can determine what is causing your back pain. Whether it is from any of the above, or from a physical injury, back pain can only become worse with bad mattress support. This type of pain will usually radiate in the lower back muscles, which can travel to the hips and down your legs. Unfortunately, back pain can continue on throughout the day, getting worse each night, compounded with the lack of sleep due to the pain and discomfort.
Releasing Back Pain
Over time, your mattress will obviously age, and unfortunately, the support to your body will begin to diminish, leading to an increase in back pain. Instead of spending a lot on a new mattress, finding a high quality mattress topper can be an easy solution. Simply give your bad mattress a “make-over”, and get up to 10 additional years of use on your mattress, by purchasing a mattress topper. We recommend purchasing a mattress topper that is one made with Intelli-Gel, which is our proprietary technology that provides the ultimate in full body support during sleep. The cushioning that provides support on your mattress is what may be contributing to your back pain if you are perfectly healthy and have no injuries. Intelli-Gel provides the right amount of support when placed directly on your mattress. You also have the choice of replacing the Intelli-Gel mattress topper with the worn out foam of your bad mattress. It is a matter of personal preference, but will provide the same support. No matter what type of mattress you own, purchasing a good, supportive topper can bring sleeplessness to an end. It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can bring to your day.

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