5 Tips to Improve Sleep Quality

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5 Tips to Improve Sleep Quality

Sleep quality is the main reason behind why certain people wake up feeling completely refreshed and rejuvenated while others wake up feeling like they haven’t slept at all. It refers to the extent of benefit our body and brain has derived from last night’s sleep. Earlier, people were never concerned about sleep quality but given today’s hectic lifestyles, people are exploring technology and doing a lot of research in order to come up with ways on how to improve their sleep. By adopting such methods it is easier to determine how to derive optimum benefits from their sleep.

The following are five tips which should be followed for the purpose of improving the quality of one’s sleep:

Purchase the right pillow – Contrary to the popular belief that it is better to do away with pillows when sleeping, pillows actually serve a very useful purpose. A good pillow will keep you in a comfortable position when you are sleeping and chances of your waking up in the middle of the night are greatly reduced. Also, since the pillow elevates the head, it provides adequate support to the neck. This in turn reduces the occurrences of stiff neck in the morning. Therefore it is recommended to choose the ideal pillow according to your common sleeping position.

Lighting of the room should be kept low – A majority of people, irrespective of whether they are light sleepers or deep sleepers, have trouble sleeping in a room where there is a presence of bright light. In other words, they are sensitive to light. Therefore it is recommended to dim the lights of the room or to keep the lighting low so as to get a good night’s sleep. If you cannot control the lighting within your room then you can consider purchasing a good sleeping mask.

Exercise regularlyExercise has been known to be an effective cure for insomnia, so you might as well use it to improve your sleep quality. Even if you are moderately active during the day and engage in light exercises, you will find that you will be sleeping as soundly as a baby during the night. Exercise can help get rid of stress in our body by the release of endorphins and they also help us to sleep better at night.

Changing your diet – You will be surprised to know that making certain changes in your diet can actually help you to improve your sleep quality. Consuming foods which are rich in tryptophan, protein and carbohydrates will ensure that you can fall asleep faster and sleep soundly. Moreover, these foods make one feel better due to the presence of serotonin.

Keeping the temperature constant – This is another important aspect of getting better quality sleep. It is recommended to keep one’s body temperature normal when sleeping since it tends to drop by a degree or two and we wake up feeling either too hot or too cold for comfort. During winter, one can always use a comforter or a warm blanket to maintain the warm temperature. In summers, using an air conditioner with sleep mode functions would help.

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