10 Tips to Stop Snoring Today.

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An estimated 47% of all adults snore at night and an estimated 30 million Americans snore? This is not only a problem the person that is snoring has to deal with but also anyone who is in the same area as the snorer. When a spouse keeps their partner up at night by snoring stress can occur in a relationship and many problems can come from this. Snoring can also lead to health problems for the snorer.

Did you know? “10 % of snorers have sleep apnea, a disorder which causes sufferers to stop breathing up to 300 times a night and significantly increases the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke.”

What causes snoring?

According to WebMD; When you sleep, the muscles in the back of the roof of your mouth (soft palate), tongue, and throat relax. If they relax too much, they narrow or block your airway. As you breathe, your soft palate and uvula vibrate and knock against the back of your throat. This causes the sounds you hear during snoring.

How do you know if you’re a snorer?

Current research shows that smokers are twice as much likely as non-smokers to snore; this is because a smokers airway get inflamed and blocked. Other factors which may let you know if you’re a snorer may include taking sleeping pills, being overweight, consuming alcohol, and sleeping on your back. Research also suggests that those people who sleep with pets such as dogs and cats tend to be at a higher risk of snoring. The best way however to find out if you snore is to simply ask your spouse, family member that may sleep near your room or your roommates.

Is snoring bad for your health?

Snoring does have many problems that are associated with it however there are things you can starting doing today to help you or your spouse to stop snoring. By changing your habits you can significantly decrease your odds of snoring so you can stop annoying those that might sleep around you. When you stop snoring your odds of suffering from heart disease, sleeping disorders and atheism all go down. There are many other benefits from not snoring as well feel free to share with us any you may have. Try these ten tips to stop snoring and start reaping the benefits today.

10 Tips to Stop Snoring today.

  1. Get in Shape. Experts say that the number one reason people snore is because they are not in shape. If you or your partner snores try getting a gym membership, going on walks together or even group exercise classes.
  2. Get into regular sleeping patterns. When your biological clock is off or you have a sleeping disorder you are more likely to suffer from snoring. Get help for your sleeping disorder and try to get into a regular routine of sleeping each night 7-9 hours.
  3. Keep your bedroom air moist. Moisture in the air reduces the rate of snoring. If you live in a dry climate try getting an air humidification system that moistens the air when you sleep.
  4. Elevate your head. When your head is elevated 3-5 inches while sleeping your body has an easier time breathing. This will decrease the odds of you snoring during the night. Use a firm, thick pillow to get your head high enough where it is still comfortable to sleep and easy to breath.
  5. Quit sleeping on your back. When you or your spouse sleep on their back the likely hood of either party snoring goes up tremendously. Sleeping on your back creates a blockage in your airways that doesn’t allow the body to get all the air it needs. This causes the body to work harder to get all of the air.
  6. Stop Smoking. Smoking as stated above inflames the airway and thus interrupts the air flow. Snoring in smokers is twice as likely and by stopping smoking one can eliminate the this cause of smoking when the airway heals and is no longer inflamed.
  7. Don’t drink alcohol before bed. Some people think a beer or other adult beverage helps them sleep. However this is not true. Alcohol is a depressant and slows the functions of the body down. This may let you fall asleep but may not give the best nights sleep your body needs. By drinking alcohol before bed the body is unable to get air as easy as it does nominally so snoring is a result.
  8. Use a breathing machine. A breathing machine forces air into your lounges and makes sure the body gets enough air each night. This will allow you to get the recommended amount of sleep each night and the sleep should be improved now that you’re not snoring.
  9. Eliminate stress from your bedroom. When someone goes to bed with stress they get significantly worse sleep and this may cause someone to snore. By not allowing stress in the bedroom and focusing on peaceful energy on may be able to eliminate snoring while asleep.
  10. No more sleeping pills. The best way to fall asleep is naturally. By taking sleeping medicine your body is being forced to shut down. While some people have no choice other use these without really needing to. One should consult a doctor before using or stopping sleeping medicine.


Snoring is a common problem that not everyone knows a lot about. We hope that you can take some of these tips and start to use them in your everyday life. By increasing the good restful sleep you get each night you will see a great difference in your productivity levels and energy in your day. Please share any other tips you have on snoring or your thoughts and experiences with snoring.

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