Choose a Non-Toxic Mattress

In Non-Toxic Materials, What's In Your Mattress?


September 27, 2012
A non-toxic mattress is essential to prevent major health-related dangers. Mattresses made with harmful chemicals have been linked to causing asthma, respiratory diseases, nervous system disorders, vision problems, skin reactions (rashes and eczema), thyroid problems, and cancer. These illnesses are commonly seen over a long period of exposure, but may be seen immediately in some who are extra sensitive to the chemicals. Initial exposure is generally characterized by headaches, a sore throat, and eye allergies.
Think of the long hours that your baby sleeps on his or her mattress, or the hours that your teenager spends on his or her bed doing homework, talking on the phone, and watching videos on a laptop, in addition to sleeping. All these hours spent on a toxic mattress adds to their current and future health risks.
Choosing a non-toxic mattress not only means that you are protecting the safety of yourself and your family, but you are also contributing to the safety of the environment and the workers who are employed to make mattresses. So when you make the conscious decision to be mindful of what is used in creating your comfortable mattress, you are making a decision that affects many aspects of our world.
The processes that are used to make the materials available for a regular mattress include destruction of our forests, affect our climate, and increases pollution into the air that we all breathe. Even when choosing an organic, non-toxic mattress, you need to do your research, as not all information on the materials used to manufacture the mattress may be listed. Doing your own research will ensure that cotton is organically grown and processed, and not treated with chemicals, just as in the care of the animals for wool, and in the process of harvesting to prevent deforestation. There is no guarantee on any mattress you buy, but by doing your research and choosing the most chemical free, non-toxic mattress, you will be ensuring your safety, the longevity of your life through good health, and protecting the environment for all.

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