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October 3, 2012
“Side Sleepers” are people who have a tendency to sleep on their side. Because of the way they sleep, a side sleeper suffers from many shoulder issues. These issues can start out as minor discomfort, turning into serious pain over time. Sometimes, their shoulder pains can disturb their sleeping patterns, leasing to insomnia, sleep deprivation and other sleep disorders. As someone who sleeps on his or her side, the best answer to your shoulder problems is to choose the best mattress for the way you sleep.
Shoulder Pain Effects for the Side Sleeper
Depending on the position you sleep in, you will place various amounts of pressure on your hand, shoulder or both as you sleep. The pressure you put on the side of your body can eventually lead to a chronic condition. As the pain continues to cause a lack of sleep every night, you’ll begin to suffer from other health problems. Lack of sleep has been known to lead to depression, certain types of cancers, higher stroke rates, heart disease and obesity. Sleep helps our bodies heal themselves faster. If you’re not getting a sufficient amount of sleep, your shoulder issues will never heal. This is a never ending cycle that can be stopped if you choose the right mattress.
Curing Side Sleeper Hand and Shoulder Pains
The best cure for your hand and shoulder pain caused by sleeping on your side is to get a mattress with proper pressure relief. As a side sleeper, most of your body weight presses down on the mattress through your shoulders and hips–creating an excess amount of pressure on those areas and leading to a nigh full of tossing and turning as you try to relieve that pressure. Our mattresses have been shown to reduce this pressure by up to 80%, making it so you can comfortably sleep
through the night without tossing and turning. Our Intelli-Gel mattresses are made of co-polymer gel shaped in a unique, column-buckling “honeycomb” shape that absorbs and relieves the pressure for side sleepers but also provides support for the other areas of your body. In addition, this material is all-natural and free of harsh chemicals, making them “green” and hypo-allergenic. Below is a video that explains these benefits:
We also offer the best pillows for side sleepers. Our IntelliPillows support your shoulder and neck in ways that other pillows can’t. The contour is adjustable, which makes it fit your neck just right, every night. These pillows provide the comfort you deserve to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.
•Side Sleeper Regular
•Side Sleeper Low-Profile
Both of these pillows are made of soy foam and come with a top layer made of Intelli-Gel. The top layer is also quilted with knit material for the comfort you need for quality sleep. The built-in air bladder adjusts to provide you with maximum support from pressure while you sleep.

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