How much do animals sleep?

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Most humans need 8 hours of sleep every day, which means we spend 33% of our lives devoted to sleep. However animals have very different sleeping patterns than we do. Some animals sleep all day other sleep all night and some sleep most of the day and night. Ducks are even able to keep one half of their brains awake, while the other half drifts of to sleep. Above you will find an info-graphic that shows you how much sleep these eight animals need each day and how much of their lives they spend sleeping. Imagine how different our lives would be if we slept as much or as little as some of these animals. Share your ideas on what you would do with all of that extra time or what you would cut out if you slept all day. Thanks for helping us perfect the science of sleep.

Have you wondered how much animals sleep?

How much do animals sleep? – An infographic by the team at How much do animals sleep?

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