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Advanced Comfort Technologies and intelliBED – Perfecting the Science of Sleep.

For the past 12 years the US manufacturing and research company Advanced Comfort Technologies (ACTI) has worked with health professionals to understand sleep and the roles a mattress and a pillow play in delivering deep, healing levels of sleep.

They have conducted third party testing of the materials used in mattresses to determine how well these materials cushion, support and wear. This research is reported on their website at Their work with doctors has revealed that the ideal mattress should:

  • provide excellent alignment support
  • cushion the hips and shoulders to reduce pressure points
  • be made of non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials; and wear properly

Testing showed that all existing mattresses rely on some form of foam for cushioning, and that these foams suffer off-gassing and wear issues which contribute to the growing sleep problems the US population reports.

ACTI then located and licensed a co-polymer gel called Intelli-Gel® to use in place of foam, and created the intelliBED line of sleep wellness mattresses. Intelli-Gel is used in hospitals to treat burn patients and those with bed sores. Medical trials show it to be highly pressure-relieving, 100% non-toxic and hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and safe.

Testing shows intelliBED mattresses cushion and support better than any other type of mattress, with no off-gassing or toxicity. Additionally and importantly, they last 3 times longer than any other type of home mattress.  This is the first mattress to deliver wellness quality sleep.  See testimonials at the website.  In the words of WFC President Dr Michael Flynn, “My wife and I sleep on an intelliBED mattress and give it our highest possible recommendation.”

ACTI’s preferred method of distribution is through doctors of chiropractic. The company has developed specialty medical grade mattresses for treating patients with back, hip and shoulder problems that are sold over the website and delivered and set up in-home  throughout the US and Canada. The company currently works with thousands of doctors through their professional referral program the details of which can be found at

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