intelliBED vs Sleep Number

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intelliBED provides a better way to sleep.

One of the frequent questions that the intelliBED staff in our sleep wellness centers is asked would have to be; how does an intelliBED compare to a Sleep Number mattresses, and is the Sleep Number mattress a true sleep wellness mattress? First of all Sleep Number or Select Comfort represents a type of mattress companies that have taken the innerspring out of the mattress and replaced it with an air chamber. The idea incorrect thinking behind this is that the problems with mattresses is that the inner springs are not good. At intelliBED we know that the inner spring supports the lower back and hips from sinking into the mattress messing up your bodies alignment. The problem is the air chamber can’t push back on your back to provide the amount of support needed like an inner spring mattress can do. When using a mattress with an air chamber the heaviest part of your body, your hip will sink into the mattress because the air can’t push back for the needed support. What you need in a sleep wellness mattress, is something that will apply pressure or push on your hips to keep them from sagging into the mattress.
Sleep Number mattresses rely on air to support your body and foam to comfort your body while you sleep. IntelliBED mattresses rely on the tempered steal support inter spring and intelliGEL that gives you comfort and support. Sleep number is good however intelliBED is better because it provides better back support, and because intelliBED doesn’t rely on foam for comfort.
 In short when comparing Sleep Number vs intelliBED there are only three things you need to remember. First foam can’t last as long as intelliGEL. Foam can’t support like intelliGEl can and isn’t as comfortable as intelliGEL. Let us know what you think and join the conversation on FacebookTwitter or leave a comment bellow and help us perfect the science of sleep.



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