Is Social Media Stealing your Sleep?

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Social media can distract you from fulfilling sleep.

July 18, 2012
Here at intelliBED we love social media. We love interacting with our satisfied customers and sharing sleep content that we find all over the internet. intelliBED is currently on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Scoopit, Google+, YouTube and we a have our own blog. Check out the complete list of intelliBED Social Networks here. We love social media so much that you could say that social media is helping us perfect the science of sleep. How much do you love social media? Is social media keeping you from getting the rest at night that you need to perform your best during the following day? Well if this sounds like you you’re not alone. Currently there are over 900 million people that have Facebook accounts. It is estimated that 22% of all internet usage is used up by social media. One of the most interesting facts about social media is that one in eight American couples who we’re married in 2011 met via social media. If seems like every commercial on TV is talking about social media, every ad we see has like us on Facebook or follow us on twitter. With social media becoming such an overnight sensation it seems that corporate America has invested in it being around for a long time. American users of Facebook alone use Facebook 15.5 hours per month, with some users reportedly spending over 100 hours per month on Facebook and other forms of social media.

Is social media stealing your sleep?


So with all of this social media surrounding us what is being affected by all of the time that we are spending on social media. In an European study of over 6,000 adults it was
found that 70% check their Facebook or some other form of social media before they go to bed. This same group reported getting on average 6 hours and 25 minutes of sleep per night. This is well short of the 7 to nine hours per night that is recommended that we get each night.
Experts say that social media is very addictive. If you are having trouble getting to sleep and you find yourself lagging the next morning then you should stop and ask yourself is all of the time that I’m spending on social media worth the negative repercussions I see the next day. A quick fix to social media stealing your sleep you might think is delete all of your accounts. This is a very extreme measure but right for some people.
We recommend setting a social media bedtime for yourself and sticking to it. Log out of all social media account at a specific time each night. A few hours before bedtime should be perfect. Read a book and spend time with family in the hours that social media is turned off. Avoid watching TV, playing video games and computer screens during this time as well. The light from the technology will make it harder for you to go to sleep each night. When you get in a healthy sleeping schedule start tracking how you are feeling in the morning. You should start to get more energy and overall feel better the next day.
We would love to hear from you. How many hours per day do you spend on social media? Do you think that social media is stealing your sleep? Thanks for checking out the intelliBED blog. Check out a related blog Bonding with your Child Before Bed. Comment below or join the conversation on our Facebook Page  or Tweet #intelliBED on Twitter. Thank you for helping intelliBED perfect the science of sleep.

Is social media taking over your rest?

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