Makeover Your Mattress With Intelli-Gel!

Is your mattress getting uncomfortable to sleep on? Do you wake up feeling stiff or sore? Do you have aches and pains in your lower back? Then you probably think you need a new mattress, right? Think again!

Why buy a whole new mattress when you can makeover your mattress for around $500?

Gel Mattress TopperYou don’t need a new mattress, you just need a mattress makeover. And we have just the thing to make your mattress feel comfortable again- Intelli-Gel®! Our exclusive Intelli-Gel technology is specially designed to be supportive yet comfortable. So whether your bed is starting to feel too firm or too soft, Intelli-Gel can make your mattress feel like new again and make it last another 5-10 years!

Mattresses wear out over time. But the innersprings are usually just fine. Typically it’s the cushioning foam that goes after a couple of years. There’s no sense in buying a whole new mattress when all you need is more cushioning to replace what you have lost. Just get our 3″ thick layer of Intelli-Gel and your mattress will feel even better than the day you bought it. Yeah, that’s right, better than when you bought it.

That’s because Intelli-Gel provides 2-3 times more cushioning support than your mattress came with when new! And our Intelli-Gel is pretty heavy-duty; our king size weighs about 70 pounds. This is no flimsy piece of foam. We put a 10 year warranty on our Intelli-Gel because we know it will work and we know it will last!

But can’t I just buy a new mattress for around $500?

Yes, you could, and then every three years or so you could keep buying a cheap mattress. Or you could buy Intelli-Gel one time and have a mattress that feels even better than a cheap one and lasts for 10 years! Intelli-Gel doesn’t wear like foam, so you won’t have to worry about your bed feeling too firm or too soft every few years.

Here’s how it works. Select a size of Intelli-Gel that will fit your mattress below. Each one comes fully covered in a top quality zippered cover. When you receive it, you can either fasten it on top of your mattress or you can remove the worn-out foam from your mattress and replace it with the Intelli-Gel. It can be a mattress topper on a firm, worn out mattress or a foam replacement in a pillow top mattress, whichever is easier! So whether you have a Tempurpedic memory foam mattress or a Select Comfort mattress, an Intelli-Gel makeover can help!

So what are you waiting for? Makeover your mattress now by choosing the right size below. If you don’t have a standard sized bed, like a mattress in a camper, please call us and we can accommodate!


Intellibed mattress topper

Protect Your Mattress (Required for 60 day in-home trial)

Want to protect your newly madeover mattress from dust mites, allergens or most anything else? Then add our Protect ‘Ur Gel mattress protector! It will protect your mattress and is required to qualify for the 60 day in-home trial.

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