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Modern Living: Manufacturing Z’s is an interesting SleepEbook that we stumbled upon searching the internet looking for ways to better help you perfect the science of sleep. This 30 page easy read is very informative to those people who have problems sleeping. The author talks about dealing with DSPS (Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome) which is one of the most common sleep disorders in the entire world. DSPS happens when a patient’s biological clock is off. It’s an actual clinical disorder that describes people who habitually fall asleep at four or five in the morning and wake up in late noon. Sleep disorders are very common.

Experts estimate that around 95 percent of those with a sleep disorder will go undiagnosed. That means if you do have minor sleep disorder there is a 19 out of 20 chance you will never get yourself checked out. The astounding thing is that most people won’t realize, or admit, that they have a real problem with sleeping. According to statistics from   The National Sleep Foundation 40 million people in the
U.S. suffer from a chronic sleep disorder, 70 million people suffer from insomnia, 18 million from sleep apnea, and 200,000 from narcolepsy. All in all though, these more severe disorders are all pretty rare.

The SleepEbook goes on to talk about things you can do to help you get a better nights sleep such as, eating habits, exposure to sunlight and exercise. Do you lay awake at night till 3am or 4am? Do you or someone you know suffer from a sleeping disorder? Join the conversation and connect with other people who have gone through similar things on our Facebook Page or Twitter and leave your comments below and help us perfect the science of sleep.


Download the PDF version of Modern Living: Manufacturing Z’s here.

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