Get an adjustable bed.
Frame_Adjustable Soft_Corner_2Adjustable base beds provide luxurious support.An adjustable base bed can help your sleep.Buy an adjustable bed base today.This adjustable base mattress has motors, vibration and massage.Our adjustable base has motors, massage and vibration.This CA King has an adjustable base.Buy an adjustable bed base for your Cal King mattress.

Cal King Adjustable Base


Our Adjustable Base features world class motors, massage, & vibration.

Product Description

An Adjustable Base makes a great add-on to any of intelliBED mattress. This top-of-the-line adjustable base with remote can be programmed to your favorite positions and features massage and vibration options. It comes with a lifetime limited warranty and nationwide in-home support.
Our mattress and the base share the same fabric materials so they look like the hand made, elegantly tailored set that they are. They are made of top quality steel and are a great addition to any mattress purchase.

*IntelliBED Return Policy: By industry standard adjustable bases are not a returnable product.

*Qty 2 Adj bases 36″ x 84″

Additional Information

Weight 288 lbs
Dimensions 84 x 72 x 16 in