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Spinal Decompression System

From: $3,899.00

Product Description

For those that need advanced pain relief or have a serious back problem and can benefit from targeted, mild decompresssion

Our Spinal Decompression System represents the finest medical-grade product outside of hospitals to assist your medical condition while you sleep. Perfect for those suffering severe conditions such as herniated disc, lumbar misalignments, scoliosis, osteoarthritis and more. We have worked with medical specialists and their patients to verify that these sleep systems work.

The system consists of a special intelliBED mattress designed to hold your body gently in place while the programmable base takes you through a series of positions that decompress and unload the pressure on your spine and joints. It comes with a programmable remote and features massage and vibrating action for incredible comfort and pain relief. The s-cape footprint of the system moves up and down within the space provided for a normal mattress so it will fit and work properly with your existing bedroom furniture. Low profile leg systems are available for people having problems getting in and out of bed. It comes in two firmness levels: Regular for people who prefer a regular firmness bed or have back issues; and plush for people who experience hip and shoulder pain or have arthritis or fibromyalgia.

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This specialty mattress has a 20-year warranty and represents the finest sleep technology for chronic sleep conditions available for home use. This is the same technology used in the most expensive hospital settings to treat patients whose life depends on sleep. When regular adjustable beds cause pressure issues or represent toxicity and infection risk, the Spinal Decompression sleep system featuring Intelli-Gel eliminates these risks and is one of the safest sleep systems on the market. The adjustable base has a programmable remote, massage and carries a limited lifetime warranty with nationwide in-home support.

Most who order king or Cal king adjustable bases order them “split”. The Split King is two 38×80 mattresses that when placed side-by-side form the size of a king. The split California king size are two 30×84 mattresses that when placed side-by-side form the size of a California King. Splitting the mattress allows each user to individually adjust their bed independent from the other. Please call the number at the top of this page to order a Split King or Split Cal King mattress with an adjustable base. On this page, it is possible to order an adjustable Cal king. In this case, both adjustable bases will be synchronized so that they both move together. The advantage is that there is no split down the middle. The disadvantage is that both sides of the bed must adjust together. Call for extra long cal king pricing.


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