Sleeping Position Does Matter!

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When it comes to how you sleep, everyone is different. Some people prefer to sleep on one side or the other, some lay flat on their back, some on their stomach, and others like to sleep in bizarre positions. But not all sleeping positions are created equal! Each way of sleeping has its pros and cons.

First, let’s cover the fetal position. Even though it helps with snoring, it is not an ideal way to sleep (unless you are pregnant). This sleeping style restricts diaphragmatic breathing because your knees are pulled up underneath your chin, making your body incapable of using its lungs at full capacity. Sleeping this way also causes back problems because the spine is curved in an unusual way. People who sleep in the fetal position will most likely complain of back pain in the mornings.

Sleeping on your stomach is probably the worst way to sleep. It causes problems for your back and neck because it putts pressure on your joints and muscles. This can irritate your nerves and lead to pain, numbness, and tingling. The only thing sleeping on your stomach is good for though is snoring. If you have a snoring problem, some doctors actually recommend that you sleep this way because it keeps your airways more open, allowing you to breath smoothly.

Sleeping on your side is actually good for your health! It helps your back and neck, especially if you have a good fluffy pillow. Your body is aligned straight, allowing it to rest in its natural position. Sleeping in this manner will also help with snoring. This position is also good for pregnancy; sleeping on your left side in particular will help with blood flow. However, sleeping on your side can cause wrinkles because your face is smashed against the pillow all night long.

The best position to sleep in is flat on your back. This allows your body to balance the weight and pressure on your back and neck, keeping your body in a neutral position. The only downside to this position is snoring; it’s usually at its worst when sleeping on your back.

Your sleeping position does matter! It all just depends on what you want out of your sleep, whether it be reduced back pain or less snoring (so your significant other can get some sleep too).


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