Why You Need a New Mattress

Buy a new mattress today.

If you’re tossing and turning at night, waking up with pain or feeling fatigued even after a full night of sleep, then you probably need a new mattress. We’re always told to sit up straight, but it’s just as important to sleep straight. A good mattress needs to support the hips so your spine does not curve, while also relieving pressure on your hips and shoulders. It’s also important to make sure that your mattress does not use toxic chemicals like polyurethane foam.

Here are the top things you should look for in a mattress:


intelliBED mattresses are made with Gel Matrix, an excellent pressure relieving material. This copolymer gel material is formed into a gel comfort-grid that enhances the cushioning ability of the material. Instead of just compressing like foam, the gel grid collapses beneath the hips and shoulders, allowing the areas to sink deeply into the mattress without pressure points. When the hips and shoulders sink in, the support is transferred to broader areas of the body, like the back, side, and legs, equalizing pressure and eliminating uncomfortable pressure points. Furthermore, Gel Matrix has been proven to be 80 percent more pressure relieving than memory foam, latex or polyethylene foam.

Back Support

Your lower torso is the heaviest part of the body, so it naturally sinks deeper into a mattress. When shopping for a mattress, consider that intelliBED products are known for providing back support and preventing this sinking. An intelliBED mattress will push your hips up so the spine doesn’t sag into a hammock shape.


Gel Matrix is virtually indestructible, and in durability testing, intelliBED mattresses soften less than five percent over the life of the mattress. People who use intelliBED mattresses can sleep on them for up to fifteen years without any sign of breakdown. These durable mattresses will provide long-term relief and support for people who are active and prone to misalignments.


All intelliBED mattresses are non-toxic and free of petrochemicals. You shouldn’t have to worry about toxins while you’re sleeping, or worry that toxic foam is harming your sleeping child. Gel Matrix is 100 percent toxin-free and it’s just as comfortable as regular mattress foam.


Trying to sleep on a bed that is too hot or too cold makes it difficult to sleep. Materials like latex and memory foam trap heat and make it difficult to sleep, while waterbed mattresses make sleeping a colder experience. Gel Matrix allows you to sleep temperature neutral, it won’t trap heat against your body, nor will it soak the heat out of your body.


For those who suffer from back, shoulder or neck pain, an adjustable bed is an excellent option when purchasing a new mattress. At intelliBED, we offer top-of-the-line adjustable bed bases that enable you to alter your sleep position. Whether you need an elevated head to prevent snoring, a completely flat surface for back pain, or raised legs for circulatory issues, these adjustable bases can help you.