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  • Our Technology Is Rocket Science

    We Don’t Track, We Treat

    Sleep Genius™ was developed following research helping NASA get astronauts to sleep.

    Astronauts orbiting the earth will experience 16 sunrises and sunsets every 24 hours—throwing off their circadian rhythms. So NASA enlisted neuroscientists to find a way to help astronauts improve their sleep without having to resort to sleeping pills or other medication.

    This same team of neuroscientists, together with experts in music therapy and sleep wellness, discovered that the inner ear, our vestibular system which controls our balance, also activates our brain’s sleep center through movement, like rocking a baby to sleep.

    The Sleep Genius™ neuroscientists have been able to replicate the same experience using scientifically-composed music and neurosensory algorithms in sound to create an imbalance in the inner ear that’s 100% natural. The synchronized, low-amplitude sounds and vibrations activate the inner ear to naturally mimic the experience of being gently rocked to sleep, so you’ll sleep like a baby.

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    How Sound Affects Sleep [View]

  • There are plenty of products on the market that TRACK your sleep habits, basically telling you how badly you slept. However, you already know that.

    Intellibed Sleep Genius™ is the world’s first smart base that actually TREATS your sleep problems.

    The Sleep Genius™ smart base works by combining several audio technologies to naturally induce drowsiness. These scientifically-composed, soothing audio tracks activate and regulate your brain’s sleep center.

    While other smart bases merely TRACK your sleep, only Sleep Genius™ TREATS your sleep.

The Haptic Pulse
Sound Experience

Introducing Revolutionary Haptic Pulse. Imagine feeling the music and action of your favorite movies, video games, and concerts.

This new cutting-edge technology in home entertainment allows you to feel the screen action like never before as your bed vibrates to every T-Rex footstep, volcanic eruption, car chase, and driving musical beat.

Relax with Sleep Genius™ Sonic Massage. Just when you thought the oohs and aahs couldn’t get any better, wait until you experience the wonder of our built-in Sonic Massage.

Not all smart base massages are created equal. The Sleep Genius™ Sonic Massage with its advanced technology uses sound waves to create a dynamic, spa-like massage.

The result? It helps reduce stress and stimulates your blood flow and circulation so you get a better night’s sleep. What’s more, unlike those noisy smart base massages that shake, rattle and roll your body as well as your floor, our Sonic Massage is remarkably quiet.

Welcome to the Intellibed Sleep Genius™ sound, mind and body experience.

  • Mobile App and Sleep Programs
  • Six-Speaker Bluetooth® Soundbar
  • Bluetooth® Charging Port
  • Haptic Pulse
  • Sonic Massage
  • Reach Assist
  • Underbed Lighting
  • Silent Drive Motors
  • Zero Clearance
  • Zero Gravity Preset

What Makes Our Smart Base

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Intellibed Sleep Genius™
Smart Base


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Sleep Genius Smart Base

  • Sleep Genius Mobile App
  • Bluetooth® Six-Speaker Soundbar
  • Sonic Massage
  • Haptic Pulse
  • Reach Assist
  • Underbed Lighting
  • Bluetooth® Charging Port

Our App Is So Simple
It’s Pure Genius, Too

The Genius Behind Sleep Genius. Select From One Of Four Programs. Set The Timer And Sweet Dreams.

Flat? Zero Gravity? Lounge? Have It Your Way. With One Touch, You Can Quickly Get To Your Favorite Positions.

There Are Smart Base Massages And Then There’s Sleep Genius Sonic Massage. Welcome To Paradise.

Need A 30-Minute Recharge? This Power Nap Program Helps You Recharge And Gently Wakes You Up.

Overly Stressed? The Relaxation Program Helps Calm Your Mind And Puts You In A State Of Complete Relaxation.

Every Body Loves
The Sleep Genius Base


Developed following research helping NASA get astronauts to sleep, the Intellibed Sleep Genius™ Smart Base represents a significant advancement in mattress base technology.

- Nic Ledoux, Furniture World


The Intellibed Sleep Genius™ Smart Base is a rest-optimizing piece of technology for the bedroom that will enable users to enjoy tranquil rest when lying down for the night.

- Michael Hemsworth, Trend Hunter


Rather than just tracking sleep quality, the bed is designed to treat sleep instead.

- Patrick Hearn, Digital Trends

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