With our Gel Matrix™ Cushioning Matrix, Talalay latex included in the five layers within this mattress, you can finally rest easy.

Medical-grade Gel Matrix™ layer is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and provides the perfect balance of comfort and support.  

Intellibed's Gel Matrix reduces pain and tossing and turning as it lifts the weight off pressure points in your shoulders and hips and redistributes it evenly across the body. 

So comfortable and great support!!

I am pregnant and changing to my Intellibed took away my hip and shoulder pains from sleeping on the side all the time!! I can only imagine how comfortable I’ll be once not pregnant anymore!!!

Gel Matrix will change your life

I was also diagnosed as having fibromyalgia when I was 15. My pain level is an 8.5 on average 24/7. I bought the Intellibed topper for the Comfort layer. I've had it now for 18 months and it feels just like it did the day I got it.

Who knew that a bed could be firm and soft at the same time?

Wow, what a 180-degree difference in sleeping with Intellibed. Goodbye back pain and tossing and turning, hello sleeping through the night again. I love my Intellibed. This really is the bed of the future.

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Get a Good Night Sleep

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Intellibed provides great sleep posture, better sleep circulation, and blood flow, and healthy materials to help you breathe easy. We’ve analyzed years of the foremost sleep research available to bring you the best mattress that has ever been created – all based on our exclusive rights to the Gel Matrix™ patent. We have utilized our proprietary Gel Matrix in a way that provides you perfect sleep posture, decreased pressure points and healthy non-toxic materials. 

Exclusive Offer

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I wanted it all – a sleep technology that truly delivered an incredible night’s sleep and proper back support along with a nontoxic end product.


I honestly didn’t think that the bed of my dreams had even been invented yet. But it has.


It’s Intellibed.


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-Free adjustable base with the purchase of a Queen or King mattress

- PLUS pick one of the following:

 - Bamboo sheets

- Mattress protector

- 2 gel microfiber pillows

Up to 

$2500+ value