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The Ultimate Guide to Gel Mattresses

A gel mattress’s main comfort material is a co-polymer gelastic, that is molded into special diamond support structures. This comfort material is semi-solid, with the physical properties of both solids and liquids, allowing it to be both firm and soft at the same time. ... more


4 Reasons Intellibed is the Best Mattress on the Market

If you’re looking for a new mattress, there is none better than Intellibed. These mattresses are ideal for those who suffer from sleep-inhibiting ailments like chronic pain or asthma, but they are also just the best mattresses overall. Intellibed mattresses are made with Gel Matrix®, the best pressure relieving material ever created.... more


Should I get a Firm or Soft Mattress?

Intellibed mattresses are optimized to give you the deepest, most healthy, and restorative sleep possible. They provide the back-supporting benefits of a firm mattress, gently holding your neck and spine in a healthy sleep posture, so getting up tomorrow is less of a pain. Intellibed mattresses also give you the cushiony comfort of a soft mattress. So you spend more time in deeper stages of sleep.... more


The Science Behind Gel Mattresses

So when we say we’re perfecting the science of sleep – it’s not just some tag line that sounds good. We’ve analyzed years of the foremost sleep research available to bring you the best mattress that has ever been created – all based on our exclusive rights to the Gel Matrix® patent.... more

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