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Benefits of a Weighted Blanket

Isn’t it the best feeling to cuddle up under a blanket, letting the warmth and the weight calm you? Now imagine cuddling up under a blanket designed specifically for anxiety and stress relief, wouldn’t that be something? What are the Benefits of a Weighted Blanket and why are they becoming so popular?... more

Gel Matrix Pressure Demo

What Causes Tossing and Turning at Night?

Have you ever tried to fall asleep at night and finally find that perfect position, but 20 minutes later you’re uncomfortable and need to change positions? This is called tossing and turning; many people struggle to sleep at night because they are constantly trying to get comfortable. But did you know there is a medical reason why you toss and turn all night? ... more

Waking up in Pain

How Sleep Effects Recovery and Injury Prevention

We’ve all had that experience when we were feeling sick and someone said, “Go lie down, sleep it off.” Isn’t that our #1 go to when we are feeling down. But why? What is it about sleep that helps us feel better? According to Hawaiipacifichealth.org, our body needs time to recover. Our muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and growth plates are working hard to help us get through our day. They need... more


How to Find the Best Mattress for Back Pain

Back pain is usually caused by repeated strain from your job, an injury, sleeping on the wrong type of surface, or a mix of the three. Back pain doesn’t discriminate by age either. For people under 45, it’s the leading cause of disability. When you sleep, your body is meant to completely rest and recover from the day’s activities. A good mattress provides support.... more


The Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain

Many people with lower back pain don’t realize their mattress plays a large role in how lower back pain is managed and supported. The wrong mattress can significantly worsen the problem and increase the amount of pain you experience. Intellibed is firm enough to keep your spine in alignment, but soft enough to relieve pressure-point pain.... more