Intelligel Is Now Gel Matrix®

What Is Gel Matrix® (Intelligel)?

Gel Matrix® is a revolutionary gel material used in hospital beds, seat cushions, shoe inserts and now mattresses for the home. Gel Matrix® formerly Intelligel was developed in Utah in the early 1990s and behaves radically different than traditional cushioning materials.

Foam and springs are the most common comfort materials used in mattresses. They are also compressible materials. By nature, there is a linear relationship between how far the material is compressed and the resultant force that pushes back. The further it is compressed, the harder it pushes back. That explains why protruding parts of the body like your hips and shoulders experience pressure build up, disrupting your sleep and causing you to toss and turn.

How does Gel Matrix® work?

Gel Matrix® behaves differently. Gel Matrix® is made from a soft, but extremely strong and elastic solid copolymer gel formed into a series of vertical support members that under direct pressure to a small localized area the support members collapses, dynamically reducing the pressure on the body. In this way, pressure points under the hip and shoulder areas are reduced by up to 60%. Thus, the extreme pressure caused by the protruding hips and shoulders is sufficient to cause the support members to relax while the lower pressure

Another highly unique and important characteristic of Gel Matrix® is that it can support large amounts of weight over broad surfaces, like back or side. So, these smart Intellibed mattresses result in a soft, comfortable feeling under the hip and shoulder area while providing a firm, supportive surface under the rest of your body creating the perfect sleep surface for long-term healfth and wellness.

How durable is Gel Matrix®?

An additional benefit of Gel Matrix® is its incredible durability. Under normal sleep conditions, testing has shown that Gel Matrix® (when matched with high-quality materials) will only lose about 3-5% of its ability to support weight over the entire life of the bed. By contrast, the highest quality materials used in the industry will experience 3 to 5 times this amount of wear. In fact, most beds are worn out within 5 years of purchase and need to be replaced.

How safe is Gel Matrix®?

Finally, Gel Matrix® is the safest material we’ve ever found to put into a mattress. It is totally non-toxic, hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and made from food grade materials. It is so safe that it is used in hospitals to cushion patients with the severest wound care situations like bed sores and burns.

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