Sleep Better Tonight with an Adjustable Bed Frame

People experience sleep difficulties for many reasons. Some people struggle to get a peaceful night’s rest because of medical conditions such as sleep apnea or digestive problems. Others cannot rest well because their partners snore or toss and turn throughout the night.

A good night’s sleep is key to good health and longevity. Appropriate sleep patterns boost your immune system, help control symptoms of chronic conditions, and can even ward off problems such as chronic fatigue and depression. If you struggle with erratic sleep patterns or experience poor rest, you know the effect it can have on your daily life and functioning.

Sometimes, the best solutions are also the simplest. If you’re waking frequently at night because of troubling symptoms or a chronic health condition, an adjustable bed frame can help. Learn the benefits of using an adjustable bed base and how it can help manage symptoms of certain conditions.

How Does an Adjustable Bed Frame Work?

An adjustable bed frame allows you to raise or recline both the head and foot of the bed, achieving the perfect sleeping position for your needs. You have the option of lying completely flat, like in a traditional bed, but also of propping up or reclining either half of your body. Appropriate elevation can help manage symptoms of various medical conditions, such as:

Sleep Apnea

People who struggle with sleep apnea often report chronic fatigue that affects their everyday performance at work and interest in pursuing other activities. Additionally, people who suffer from sleep apnea may find traditional treatment methods uncomfortable. By elevating the upper half of the body, sleep apnea sufferers can enjoy a more restful night’s sleep by improving breathing and helping to keep airways open.

Back Pain

People with back pain often report poor sleep because the pressure from traditional sleeping positions can actually make pain worse. Sleeping on an adjustable bed base can allow back pain sufferers to find the most comfortable position based on their areas of discomfort. Adjustable bed frames provide sleepers with the support and comfort they need.

Digestive Problems

Acid reflux and heartburn are common struggles that keep people from getting the restful night’s sleep they need to focus and remain alert throughout the day. These digestive issues can lead to serious discomfort, even with preventive treatment. Even the most severe heartburn sufferers can find relief by elevating the top half of the body with an adjustable bed. Adjustable bases encourage healthy digestion and keep acid reflux sufferers sleeping through the night.

Swelling or Circulatory Issues

Myriad chronic conditions, such as diabetes or blood disorders, can lead to poor circulation. This is not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous. Elevation can be an effective method to keep blood from pooling in the extremities, leading to other medical problems. An adjustable bed allows elevation that can effectively control symptoms and promote a restful night’s sleep.

Adjustable bed bases serve a variety of purposes. From the management of chronic conditions and symptoms to a simple matter of preference, anyone can benefit from having an adjustable bed. The Intellibed adjustable bed frame accommodates your unique sleep needs and helps combat fatigue by promoting restful sleep cycles.