TechFirst Interviews CEO Colin House About New Sleep Genius Smart Base™

Every year more and more tech gadgets come out to track how well you are sleeping but few actually help you sleep better. Intellibed has been revolutionizing the sleep industry with the development of its patented Gel Matrix® comfort technology. Gel Matrix® is the first major advancement in comfort science since the invention of memory foam in the 1960s, almost 60 years ago. Its unique structural properties allow it to be both firm and soft at the same time, allowing it to not only provide incredible back support but also provide comfortable pressure relief on the hips and shoulders.

Intellibed is once again working to transform the sleep industry, this time with the power of sound. To learn more about Intellibed’s new Sleep Genius Smart Base™, TechFirst’s John Koetsier interviewed CEO, Colin House. House shares the origin story of Sleep Genius™ and how it helps you fall asleep faster and sleep better by stimulating the brain’s sleep centers. They also talk about the Smart Base’s other cool features like voice-control, Bluetooth, massage, zero-G and more.

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