The Science Behind Gel Mattresses

The rules of getting a truly restful, deep healing sleep have changed

How do we know? WE CHANGED THEM.

Odds are you’re sleeping on a mattress laced with toxic chemicals, that has worn way passed its warranty, and couldn’t find and relieve a pressure point if your health depended on it.

It’s about the gel – Gel Matrix®.

So when we say we’re perfecting the science of sleep – it’s not just some tag line that sounds good. We’ve analyzed years of the leading sleep research to bring you the best mattress that has ever been created – all based on our exclusive rights to the Gel Matrix® patent.

We have categorized all our research and summarized it below so you can review it yourself and see why we’re so proud of our Intellibed gel mattresses.

Compare Mattress Values of Different Materials and Brands

The value of a mattress is determined by its comfort, support and durability. The more comfort, more support and the longer it lasts, the better the value. Compare Intellibed in value to other mattresses.

Gel Matrix® vs. Other Gel Mattress Materials

Gel is the secret to our success. Gel Matrix® is a one of a kind gel material. Other gel mattresses use a blended mix of gel and foam and try to pass off as a mattress like ours. Learn the difference. Read our gel mattresses research.

Reviews of Mattress Brands and Materials Compared to Intellibed

When it comes to mattresses, you have a lot of options to choose from. Compare reviews and ratings of various brands of mattresses and see how they stack up next to Intellibed. Read mattress reviews and ratings.