Intellibed can help you find back pain relief

Tossing and turning, waking up frequently and, of course, waking up with a sore back are all signs that your mattress is to blame for your back pain and that it is time to buy a new one.

Shopping for a new mattress can be challenging, especially when your goal is to find the one that provides the most back pain relief. Here are the critical qualities you need to keep in mind when shopping for a new mattress.

Spinal Alignment and Back Support

When shopping for the best mattress for sciatica or any other type of back pain, finding a mattress that provides firm back support and spinal alignment is crucial. A bed that is too soft will cause improper spinal alignment, resulting in pain and soreness. The ideal mattress will have just the right level of firmness to support and conform to your back and spine to help alleviate sciatic pain.

Comfort and Pressure-Point Relief

While having a firm bed is critical for spinal alignment and support, a bed that is too firm will not provide adequate comfort, causing painful pressure on your hips and shoulders. Often this means that you toss and turn all night. To ensure that your hips and shoulders get the pressure-point relief they need, you need to find a bed that is really soft.

When looking for a mattress you need to find a bed that can provide the best of both worlds and strikes that balance between firm and soft. You may be tempted to compromise because a mattress can’t be both firm and soft, right? (Keep reading to learn the secret behind Intellibed’s no comprise mattresses.)


Finally, there is nothing worse than finally getting to sleep, only to wake up in the middle of the night because you are hot and sweaty. The ideal mattress will also allow for plenty of airflow so you sleep cool and comfortable.

Sounds easy, right? Just find a mattress that is firm enough to keep your back from aching, yet soft enough to relieve pressure on your joints–and then make sure that the materials don’t trap in heat, causing you to wake up sweaty. It’s no wonder shopping for a new mattress causes major stress. Fortunately, you don’t have to compromise with Intellibed’s revolutionary Gel Matrix® comfort technology.

Our Customers Tell Us Intellibed is the Best Mattress for Back Pain Relief

“It cleared up our back pain, we have peace of mind about the materials used to make the bed, and it is just so comfy we can’t wait to sleep in it every night. Cannot recommend highly enough!” – M. Wright

Gel Matrix® is scientifically engineered to be both incredibly firm for optimal back support and perfectly soft for maximum comfort relieving pressure on your hips and shoulders. Oh, and another thing, the unique open chamber design allows air to flow through the material keeping you cool and comfortable all night long.

Whether you suffer from mild back pain or chronic sciatica, a gel mattress will provide the highest level of comfort available and help relieve your back pain.

One final thought, when making an investment in a mattress, you want a bed that lasts for a long time. While some memory foam beds can last up to 10 years at the very most, Intellibed comes with a 20-year “No Non-sense” warranty. So you can rest easy, knowing your bed is built to last.